"...en utåtriktad virtuos med en i Sverige ovanlig musikalisk inriktning..."

- Motivering
för Unga Förmågors förstapris på "Uppsala International Guitar Festival” www.uppsalagitarrfestival.com

"Emil, Quit Practicing... You're going to put the rest of us out of work!"

- Al Bonhomme
(Award-winning GIT instructor and Country Guitar picker extraordinarie)

"Emil is one of the best guitarplayers I've heard come through the guitar department at Musicians Institute. He's one-of-a-kind and destined to be a well known player!"

- Carl Verheyen
(Supertramp, Guitar virtuoso and one of LA's first call session players for tha past two decades) www.carlverheyen.com

"Every once in a while, I hear someone play that really gets my attention. Emil is one of the most impressive fingerstyle players I have heard in a long time. Heavily influenced by Tommy Emmanuel who whas in turn so heavily influenced by Chet Atkins and Merle Travis. I was exposed to Emil's playing about a year or so ago on one of the guitar forums. I commented on the forum that I was impressed by his playing and he in turn emailed me to express his appreciation. We emailed back and forth a few times and I sensed the obvious passion this young man has for music. Very impressive."

- Richard Hudson
(Fingerstyle Guitarplaer extraordinarie)

"I've known Emil for about six months now. Not only is his playing technically proficient, he is also a very soulful player with a great feel and intuition in his musical choices. While his solo work is virtuosic, he is also a great accompanist. He has great ears, a big heart and above all, he has one of the best attitudes I have experienced in 18,5 years of teaching."

- Jami Lula
(VIT Instructor at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles) www.jamilula.com

"Mange unge gitarrister over hele verden tar utgångspunkt i Tommy Emmanuel sin spillestil. Et stort antall behersker en fantastisk teknikk på gitaren. Imidlertid, av de mange jeg hittil har hört, er det bare tre stykker jeg föler har en virkelig "groove" og et musikalsk uttrykk som får en til å tenke på Tommy. Disse er Joe Robinson fra Australia, Gareth Pearson fra Wales og Emil Ernebro fra Sverige."

- Claes Neeb
(Norwegian Fingerstyle Guitar picker extraordinarie. Worked with Chet Atkins and many others)

"En musikant som med bländande skicklighet och teknik för den akustiska gitarrmusiken vidare till en ny bred publik."

- Motivering
för gitarrpriset "Guitar People's Prize - Up and Coming" 2010

Reed It – NEW TAB!

Hi there everyone! We just added a NEW SONG to the “Purchase Tabs”-page! This time it’s an original song by Emil, called “Reed It”. The song is dedicated to the memory of the great Jerry Reed. Enjoy!

Emil spelar med Louise Hoffsten

Den 5/1 spelade Emil tillsammans med den fantastiske sångerskan Louise Hoffsten!

Emil och Louise

What A Wonderful World – Notation/TAB

We just added Emils arrangement of “What a Wonderful World” to the Purchase Tabs page! Enjoy!

Purchase TAB/Notation!

We’ve now made a new page on this site titled “Purchase Tabs”! From this page, you can purchase TAB/Notation for some of Emils songs and arrangements. We will add more new songs/arrangements to this page soon, and you can also send requests to Emil on the contact-page. Also, there are a lot of free tabs on the “Licktionary”-page! Have fun and let us know what you think!